How We’re Different

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How We’re Different

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Since our very beginning the safety of you, our clients, have been our number one company priority. We adhere to the following to make certain you are safe & satisfied with the seismic retrofit work that we perform.

  • We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured as a ‘Seismic Retrofit Contractor’: There are others who might perform this type of work but might not be insured as a ‘Seismic Retrofit Contractor’. This is important because an insurance company can deny an insurance claim based on a fraudulent application if a contractor does not disclose their true operations as a ‘Seismic Retrofit Contractor’. You ask why wouldn’t a contractor disclose their true operations to an insurance company? Because the commercial insurance is expensive for this type of work.
  • Products, Materials & Labor: The products and materials we use to retrofit your home are tested to rigid industry specifications and all employees are Hilti certified installers.
  • Custom Specifications: We use proprietary engineering & engineering schedules for every seismic retrofit & seismic rehabilitation job. A permit is always secured for retrofit work.
  • We Listen: Service and communication are a pillar of our success. We are always available to alleviate any concerns you might have about your retrofit project before, during, and upon completion.
  • References are Available: You can connect with previous clients for feedback on the level of work that has been performed.
  • Beyond Seismic Retrofitting: We are a General Contractor and can help you with additional improvements beyond your seismic retrofit.

All our crew is certified by Hilti to professionally and accurately install Hilti anchors. These anchors, which include several varieties, are the highest quality products we’ve found to support heavy, dynamic loads, such as seismic and shock loads.