Seismic Retrofit Methods & Services

Seismic Retrofit Methods

Seismic retrofitting is technical work which is also known as earthquake retrofitting. The seismic retrofit methods we use is more than what would be termed as “foundation bolting”. Seismic retrofitting involves foundation anchors (or foundation bolts), shear panels, and framing connectors, each element installed to specific engineered standards.

No house is the same although many share basic and fundamental foundation construction types. There are five basic construction types that are found in Portland and the seismic retrofit method for upgrading each will vary. Select your foundation style to learn more about the custom seismic retrofit method that would be used to bolt your home to the foundation.

It is not uncommon for homes to have two to three types of foundation construction. For example, 1960’s & 1970’s ranch split style houses can have both full height, cripple wall, and slab on grade styles of foundation construction. We specialize in Custom Seismic Retrofits for each and everyone of them.

In addition to foundations the following areas of your home should be considered for earthquake proofing:

    • Chimney Seismic Retrofit
    • Bolting down fixtures and large shelving units

Earthquake Tech is rooted in the remodeling industry, while we are knowledgeable of the seismic retrofit methods necessary to bolt your home to the foundation we can offer the same quality and affordable services for home improvements covering basic to complex remodels, installations, and miscellaneous repairs.

Earthquake Tech is Enhabit certified (Enhabit was formerly known as CEWO – Oregon Clean Energy Works)!    Earthquake Tech is an Enhabit Partner.

All our crew is certified by Hilti to professionally and accurately install Hilti anchors. These anchors, which include several varieties, are the highest quality products we’ve found to support heavy, dynamic loads, such as seismic and shock loads.