• Aquron is a solution for existing concrete

    The Aquron System is a non-hazardous, user friendly, permanent, clear treatment / preservative sealant solution for new or old concrete installations that includes a highly reactive catalytic agent in waterborne proprietary colloidal silicate base that produces a silica-hydro gel below the surface and inside concrete’s matrix and significantly preserve its imbedded steel.

    Just a few of the many benefits include:

    • Hardens & adds density and bonding strength to concrete
    • Stays pliable, allowing concrete to breathe
    • Waterproofs
    • Resists freeze-thaw spall off
    • Increases thermal resistance
    • Preserves imbedded steel
    • Retards or halts alkali silica reactivity
    • Nontoxic
    • No voc/vos content
    • Makes ice removal easier
    • Clean equipment using only water
    • Retards dusting and pitting
    • Neutralizes internal corrosives
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All our crew is certified by Hilti to professionally and accurately install Hilti anchors. These anchors, which include several varieties, are the highest quality products we’ve found to support heavy, dynamic loads, such as seismic and shock loads.