Unreinforced Masonry Seismic Retrofit

  • How to Identify Unreinforced Masonry Seismic Retrofit

    If the foundation of your home is visibly brick, old clay block, or unreinforced concrete block this would be considered an unreinforced masonry foundation.

    The  Unreinforced Masonry Seismic Retrofit Problem

    Brick and unreinforced masonry does not have lateral strength because there is nothing connecting the wall together (ie. there is no rebar). At Earthquake Tech, we say Every Brick Is An Island. Hence, during an earthquake the foundation will collapse. It is more than likely that your 100 year old foundation is not going to withstand an earthquake, emergency professionals call these types of homes “standing rubble”.

  • photo-e1412824610582

    Unrenforced Masonry clay block

The Unreinforced Masonry Seismic Retrofit Solution

A home with a brick foundation will fail unless it is reinforced by an SR Wall or taken out and replaced with a new concrete foundation.

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    Unreinforced Brick Wall

All our crew is certified by Hilti to professionally and accurately install Hilti anchors. These anchors, which include several varieties, are the highest quality products we’ve found to support heavy, dynamic loads, such as seismic and shock loads.