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Earthquake retrofitting and seismic retrofitting are Earthquake Tech’s specialties in the city of Portland and surrounding areas. For 20 years we have been the #1 authority in this industry.

Since the mid 1980’s geological research has shown that Oregon & Washington have probably been shaken by numerous subduction zone earthquakes during the last several thousand years. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, which runs north/south along the West Coast, is a huge area where tensions between the oceanic Juan de Fuca and North America plates build. Research indicates that earthquakes occur every 300-500 years, and the most recent was about January 26th, 1700.

Planning is the key to surviving any disaster situation.

Part of your disaster planning should be the consideration to seismically retrofit your home. When an earthquake moves a house from side to side and up and down, the house can move off of its foundation. If your home comes off of its foundation, the home will most likely be completely totaled. A modest investment for a seismic retrofit is a step toward:

  • Increased safety for the occupants of your home
  • Reduced structural damage
  • Increased likelihood of habitability
  • Increased value for home resale


When done correctly a seismic retrofit can greatly increase the chances of your home surviving an earthquake.

As Portland’s Seismic Retrofit Authority, we have solutions to all foundation issues including the following common foundation problems:

  • The foundation has too much lime
  •  The foundation has too much sand
  •  The foundation is soft
  •  The foundation has rock pockets

Your home should be bolted with Portland’s Seismic Retrofit & Seismic Rehabilitation Authority. For a professional evaluation of your homes earthquake readiness and retrofit estimate please contact us.

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