Automatic Gas Shutoff Valves

Your First Line of Defense Against Post-Quake Fires

When an earthquake strikes, seconds matter. That’s why we provide and install seismic actuated gas shut-off valves, giving you an added layer of protection against catastrophic gas leaks and fires. Our valves automatically detect house movement and shut off your gas lines, reducing risk of fire and giving you peace of mind.

As Portland homeowners ourselves, we understand the need to safeguard what matters most—your family and your home. We have 10 years of experience providing seismic shut off valve solutions tailored specifically for Portland houses.

Our team is fully trained and experienced in installing Pacific Seismic Products’ California Gas Valve – an industry-leading model manufactured in California since 1978.

  • Detect even minor seismic activity
  • Close within seconds to shut off gas flow
  • Reset easily so gas service can be restored
  • Meet current building codes and regulations

For $700 we professionally equip your home with American-made automatic gas shut-off technology, backed by a 30-year warranty and workmanship guarantee. Read more about our commitment to your safety HERE.

Get Complete Earthquake Protection by Adding Water Heater Strapping

In addition to installing a seismic gas shut off valve, improperly strapped water heaters also pose significant risk in an earthquake.

Homeowners often mistakenly try to strap heaters to chimneys. However, chimneys have no structural integrity and crumble easily, acting as “standing rubble” in a seismic event.

The number one reason you want your tank available is so you have 50 gallons of potable water available to drink as basic services may be unavailable after a major earthquake.

For $350 our licensed professionals will engineer and construct a dedicated wall to brace your water heater securely.

Ready to protect your family and your home? BOOK NOW.

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    *THE FINE PRINT: Not all gas meters may qualify for this offer. On average, valve installation takes two hours, and requires a homeowner or adult to be present at the time of installation. 50% down payment required via CASH APP or PAYPAL.