Post & Beam Seismic Retrofit

  • How to Identify a Post & Beam Foundation

    Post & Pier foundation consists of a series of post and beam systems that carries the weight of the home above it.

    The Post & Beam Foundation Problem

    Typically post & beam foundation systems are old and consist of posts that include several pieces of wood and dubious foots to hold it up, the occasional tree stump is sometimes included. Without a footing that bears the weight of and connects to a proper post that is positively connected the beam that sits above it the home collapse.

  • Post-and-Beam

    Post and Beam

The Post & Beam Foundation Retrofit Solution

We will address the following:

  • Is the house connected to the beam system properly.
  • Does the post need to be replaced?
  • Does the footing need to be replaced?
  • What is the condition of the beam?

A custom retrofit solution will be designed considering all of those elements.

  • Post-and-Beam-Cripple-Wall

    Post and Beam Cripple Wall

All our crew is certified by Hilti to professionally and accurately install Hilti anchors. These anchors, which include several varieties, are the highest quality products we’ve found to support heavy, dynamic loads, such as seismic and shock loads.