Shotcrete Concrete Foundation Repair

Shotcrete is projected concrete that is a dry mix blown directly into a mold using compressed air. As the concrete is released, the dry mix is moistened, allowing it to settle and set in the mold. Shotcrete is also known as ‘gunite’ and can be used as a reinforcement of existing crumbling foundations and can also be applied as a skim coat.

Shotcrete is less expensive than other custom solutions such as the SR Wall System.

Shotcrete Concrete Foundation Repair Advantages:

  • It is strong, durable, resistant to disasters, fires, mold, insects, and vermin.
  • It has low permeability, good thermal mass, and creates a tight envelope.
  • The nature of the placement process provides additional benefits, such as very fast erection, particularly on complex forms or shapes, including curved walls and arches.
  • Shotcrete is a cost-effective building method due to the speed of construction and has minimal equipment requirements.
  • It can be installed in situations where typical mechanical anchoring has failed.