Slab on Grade Seismic Retrofit

How to Identify Slab on Grade

Slab on grade foundations are typically found in the garage or converted breezeways although sometimes there are houses that are built with the slab on grade method. The stem wall with slab on grade is a minimum of 6 inches tall from the soil.

The Slab on Grade Problem

  1. They are not bolted to the stem wall.
  2. The lack of shear wall stability due to the absence of plywood.

The Slab on Grade Retrofit Solution

  1. Older garages need to be upgraded with sill plate bolts or Universal Foundation Plates (UFP).
  2. Plywood shear walls are highly recommended especially at the garage door opening where the side walls are very short, plywood will add lateral stability for the garage from tearing off the house and/or falling down.
  3. If you have living space above the garage we have custom bracing solutions that will address the potential threat of your garage folding in and your living space dropping down.