The SR Wall Foundation Upgrade System

We are also seeing more masonry foundations as Portland’s real estate market is booming, this would include brick, clay block, and un-reinforced concrete block. All of these foundation types suffer from a lack of lateral structural stability. After nearly a century of construction in the Portland area, we are seeing more brittle, soft and failing foundations. The durability of these foundations come into question.

When faced with the problematic foundation, such as brick, clay block or unreinforced masonry, we only know of two tried and trusted solutions:

  • Removed and replaced the foundation at a great cost.
  • We can use the SR Wall System, which is the only method to date to bring a failing foundation up to code.

We recognize that every homeowner’s need is unique and that’s why we specialize in a host of failing foundation & foundation repair solutions that satisfy most structural challenges. Learn more about our foundation repair solutions which include the following: